About Us

Who We Are

Digiterhub is a fast-growing Managed Service Provider (MSP) business which is poised for global expansion on the back of a robust solution/ product portfolio as well as strategic investments and enhancements in delivery capabilities like Cyber Security, Data Privacy as a Service, Cloud Computing, Mobile & Web Apps, and integrated Training hub platforms.

IT Risk Assessment and Digital Security Services provider. It’s a trusted standard for companies that need to protect their brands, reputation and dignity from debilitating cyber-attacks.

We build and deliver information security platforms and services, both generic and customized to pro-actively secure, continuously monitor and reactively respond to cyber threats to your technology stack. Our objective is quantifying digital risk to inculcate a knowledge-based culture of safe and secure use of technology, such that risk becomes an informed business decision leading to minimal disruptions to your business and life.

What we do

Digiterhub product stack cuts across a strong play in Cyber Security, Data Privacy as a Service, Public Cloud Security, Cyber Security, Digital Data Lake, Asset & Content Management, Network Protection, Cyber-attack prevention, mitigation (with a leading play in Denial of Services) .

Our services have evolved into a compelling portfolio with Information Security Assessment, Integrated threat management, Advanced Cloud Security services, Identity & Data Security solutions, Advisory and Governance Risk Management and Compliance solutions.

Meet the Team

Liz Ashikwe
Business Development
Amina Karmashe
Country Manager
Ibrahim Dogara
Business Development
Mike Silver
Data Privacy & Cyber Security Consultant
Yemi Adeniran
Managing Partner

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